Best Mountain Bike 2018

4 Of The Top Mountain Bikes In 2018

When it comes to mountain or off road bikes, there are two things that remain constant. The first is knowing what the latest technology is by checking out a site like Best Mountain Bike 2018’s site and that riding a mountain bike is always exhilarating and exciting, while the second is when you ride the right bike, it is truly euphoric. Here is a list of 4 of the top-rated mountain bikes to consider in 2018.

1. Nicolai

The Nicolai XC bike has moved a way from the traditional. This brand is recognized for its slack trail and polarizing long trail bikes. It has applied this similar philosophy to the reincarnation of the classic Saturn.

The Saturn 11 Priceline could be compared to the Swiss Army knife of the XC bikes, which means it offers a lot more than just a way to complete endless laps on a local race-circuit. As expected with the Nicolai brand, there is loads of slack along with the head-angle of 67.6 degrees. However, this is also combined with the 74.5-degree steep-seat angle. The theory behind this combination is that offers the best when it comes to trail-friendly handling along with an advantageous position on the part of the bottom bracket that offers more efficient climbing.

2. Felt Edict

Most mountain bike professionals know that the Edict is both fun and fast. At first glance, you might mistake this bike for a trail bike opposed to a pure racing bike. However, this bike has been designed to go fast down and up. Similar to all the other latest cross-country releases, this model is slightly slacker and slightly longer.

It also features the head-angle of 70 degrees, which is still positioned on the “euro-quick” fringe when it comes to the handling-spectrum. This lowered tiered Edict runs a 69-degree head-angle and 120mm fork, which makes for a trail friendly and versatile bike.

3. Scott Spark

The Scott Spark is not one of the latest models when it comes to mountain bikes, but is still a recommended choice in 2018. This bike was piloted by Nino Schurter who achieved the best race season in the year 2017. This professional rider won all the XC world championships, world cup and Cape Epic with his Spark.

The Scott brand is well recognized for larger model ranges, and Spark is similar in this regard. Scott offers consumers a variety of sizes, shapes, and budgets, to match up to all riders from those who to prefer to cruise the trails onto the dedicated racers.

4. Specialized Epic FSR

The full suspension Epic from Specialized is still a highly recognizable and popular bike when it comes to the XC scene. These bikes have won some races including various world cups, the Cape Epic, and even the Olympics.

With the previous version of the Epic, Specialized took an approach of “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it,” and left it unchanged for four entire seasons. About the top-rated race bike years, this happens to be a very long time.

For the year 2018, Morgan Hill has gone onto update the latest epic to match up to the modern world of cross-country racing. What this has translated into is slacker geometry and longer reach combined with an overall build that is lighter.

Their patented Brain technology also underwent and update in association to the automatic lockout-system that is now slimmer and positioned a bit nearer to the bike’s rear axle. This strategy is designed to make the bike a bit more sensitive to the smaller hits. This mountain bike is guaranteed to be seen as the leader in many of the upcoming races in 2018.