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Our focus

Custom internet marketing solutions for brands of any size...
Inbound Marketing

SEO & SEM are just the tip of the iceberg for inbound marketing campaigns. Social media and the growing availability of advanced demographic targeting options has opened up advertising and marketing to new opportunities for hyper-targeted campaigns. Our vast experience in this area along with our long-term approach to organic SEO means your marketing budget goes further.

Digital Branding

Social Media and the interactive nature of the web has radically changed the concept of branding and created an entirely new marketing paradigm. Customers are no longer passive actors in the process. We approach digital branding and community building as if they are one and the same, strengthening and building brands one interaction at a time.

Customer Retention & Remarketing

No marketing plan is complete without a strategy to turn first-time customers into life-long brand enthusiasts. We develop strategies and campaigns that are designed to target our client’s entire sales funnel and procure the ultimate in brand loyalty using advanced digital marketing tools.

SEO is organic, it takes time and patience. Shortcuts are a trap.

The Essential Philosophy

Sustainable marketing techniques that drive the needle...
Client success is our top priority. ALWAYS.

Sustainable marketing means using techniques that not only work today but will work FOR tomorrow. The SEO and social media landscapes change so rapidly, by the time you've caught up - you're already behind. BUT, because we build campaigns around strict guidelines and sound marketing practices with long-term growth in mind, we ensure you'll never have to play "catch-up" again. We love to show our clients "Wins", but if that means losses tomorrow, then we'll find another way...

  • Technology

    Advanced Tools

  • Creativity

    Marketing Innovation

  • Measurement

    KPIs that = ROI

  • Sustainability

    Long-term approach

Meet our CEO

Todd Heim, CEO & Digital Marketing Manager
Todd Heim
Todd has been working on websites since his days at RPI in 1996. With over 16 years in the marketing industry, he went out on his own to start a marketing firm in 2009 and has been doing phenomenal work for clients ever since.

Social Media is about making connections with people first and foremost. Never lose sight of that...